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Lechef Cream Cheese

Our richly flavored LeChef Cream Cheese with subtle tart notes, is perfect to utilize in both sweet and savory dishes. Its smooth creamy texture make it the kitchen, cake shop, and bakery’s best option on the market.

margarine box

Contains: Net. Wt.

3 lb


Shelf life:

8 months


Lechef Vainilla Filling Pudding for Pastry

Our LeChef Vanilla Filling Pudding for Pastry Cream has an intense vanilla flavor, and a smooth homogenous texture that will give your creations a clean presentation and stability in all applications, which makes it ideal for baked goods, pastries, and confectioneries.


Contains: Net. Wt.

12.23 lb (6 pieces of 2.205 lb)


Shelf life:

4 months



Suggested uses:

Decorating breads, cakes, and desserts. Filling for breads, cakes, and desserts, before or after baking.